Ethos Statement

Every member of the CBEC community is responsible for ensuring that the College provides a vibrant exciting, vital, safe and supportive environment in which productive learning can flourish and each individual is able to achieve and thrive.

In practice, this means that everyone has a responsibility to ensure that others are made to feel accepted, valued and afforded courtesy and respect at all times. Everybody has a right to be listened to and treated fairly and with dignity; everybody has the responsibility of ensuring that this right is never violated. Community members should constantly strive to do their very best and demonstrate their commitment to improvement and moving forward. Support will be given to those who experience particular difficulties to help them to achieve success and to attain the highest standards
of which they are capable.

As members of CBEC our responsibilities extend to the local, national and global communities of which we form a part. Members of CBEC should be caring, reflective and proactive people, confident that they can, and prepared to, make a positive difference to the lives of others.

At CBEC we will all recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements made by members of our community. Each community member will receive regular feedback on all aspects of their performance to enable this to happen and to identify targets for further growth and development.

Students will develop key enterprise capabilities not only through special projects and events but also the work that is undertaken in every curriculum area.

Governors will play an active role in the life of the College and ensure that they are known to students, staff and parents.

We will forge productive partnerships with people and organisations outside of the College to enhance the quality of the learning experiences we provide. There will be an open partnership with parents and carers who are encouraged to adopt a proactive role in their child’s education. Attention will be paid to gathering the views of parents and responding to them.

If CBEC is to truly be a place which takes seriously the well being of all community members and in which effective learning can occur, then it is the responsibility of everyone to make this happen. All members of CBEC should embody a sense of optimism and we all have the responsibility to ensure that we are all happy to learn and work here.

Student speak summary:

  • Exciting environment
  • Respect for all, including yourself
  • Personal best
  • Positivity
  • Enterprise
  • Working together