GCSE Results

Cranbourne All-Rounders Celebrate

Students from the Cranbourne and Fort Hill sites came together today to open their GCSE results. Most exams are now graded 1-9, with the top grade 9 replacing the A* and much more difficult to achieve. Cranbourne students across both sites performed equally, with notably strong results for the student leaders.

Cranbourne’s Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls were all awarded a string of grade 9s, as were Annabel Rand and Nathaniel Woodbridge, Fort Hill Deputy Head girl and boy and College Council Leaders, Charlotte Rand and Hannah Lodge.

The students commented;

“This was such a lot of hard work, crammed into a short period of time: everything has come together and it’s SO worth it! Such a relief today!”

Mrs Aplin, Head of Cranbourne praised the efforts of all Year 11 students; some of whom attained three grades higher on average than their predictions:

“This has been an unusual year in many respects, so it’s good to see some great results. I have noticed that the performance of our very committed student leaders, in particular, has been excellent. This team of 15 students have led our student body and studied exceptionally hard, too. Proof for me that the more you put into school, the more you get out in the end. These young people are true role models. School is about joining in and making a difference and exam results are just one part – albeit an important part of what we learn at school”

Tim Patrick, Chair of Governors said that Cranbourne was well poised now for an even better year on one site next year; “This school can only go from strength to strength.”