House System

Cranbourne students are members of one of our four Houses. Each House has House Captains, Sports Captains and House Mentors to encourage and support every student. Each House has a Head of House and a Cranbourne Parent Partner (CPP) overseeing each student’s progress and pastoral care.

Parents and carers have a direct line to the Cranbourne Parent Partners who are always available for support and advice. The tutor group is a welcoming place, with a Personal Tutor to guide students through their five years with us. Students meet with their tutors for half an hour at the beginning of each day.

Cranbourne’s four Houses are dedicated to local people, who have achieved amazing things by following their passions and interests. They are true role models for Cranbourne students.

House and Sports Captains run many competitions and events. We always reward those who join in – no need to be a master or a genius!

House Point Totals

White 258526points
Andrew Lloyd Webber 257266points
Thomson 247268points
Austen 245166points

This House is dedicated to Performing and Expressive Arts and Andrew Lloyd Webber, internationally acclaimed composer.

House Colour: Purple

Head of House: Mrs T. Simpson

Cranbourne Parent Partner: Miss S. Pearce

House Ethos and Values

  • Achieve regardless of background
  • Follow your passions
  • Be courageous and aspire to achieve great things
  • Take all opportunities that are available to you

Who is Andrew Lloyd Webber?

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber is the composer of some of the world’s best-known musicals including Cats, The Phantom of the Opera and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
  • Born in South Kensington in 1948, the son of two musicians, Andrew showed a talent and interest for music from a young age.
  • In 2017, Andrew became the only person to equal the record set in 1953 by Rodgers and Hammerstein with four Broadway shows running concurrently.
  • In 1992 he opened the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, the principle objectives are to promote the arts, culture and heritage for the public benefit.
  • As well as being knighted by Her Majesty the Queen in 1992 for services to the theatre throughout the world and being appointed Honorary Life Peer in 1997, Andrew’s awards as a composer and producer include 7 Tonys, 7 Oliviers, 14 Ivor Novellos and an Oscar.

This House is dedicated to Language and Literature. The House is named after Jane Austen, one of our most famous and most loved British novelists.

House Colour: Blue
Head of House: Miss R. Alner
Cranbourne Parent Partner: Mrs C. Ryan

House Ethos and Values

  • Be passionate about the subjects and hobbies you enjoy
  • Don’t let anything get in your way on your journey to success
  • Be motivated to achieve your dreams
  • Challenge stereotypes and those who promote them

Who Was Jane Austen?

  • Jane Austen was an English novelist who is known for her iconic romantic literature.
  • Born in Hampshire, England on the 16th December 1775, Jane Austen was educated through her childhood at home by her father and older siblings.
  • She began writing in her teenage years.
  • She died 18th July 1817 and was buried at Winchester Cathedral

This House is dedicated to Humanities and The Thomson Family, all three boys attended Cranbourne and went on to lead successful careers. All three are alumni to be proud of and good role models for our students.

House Colour: Red
Head of House: Miss M. Hawkins
Cranbourne Parent Partner: Mrs C. Ryan

House Ethos and Values

  • Respect all cultures, ethnicities and religions
  • Be open minded and not afraid to try new things
  • Be committed to being the best you can
  • Never be judgemental

Who are the Thomson Brothers?

Alex Thomson

Alex has internationally-acclaimed background (Emmy Award etc) in current affairs as a Channel 4 news correspondent, editor and has also published a number of books.

Chris Thomson

Chris read English and Art History at university and taught English at the University of Genoa, Italy, then in sixth form colleges in England. His last post was as principal of Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form School for 18 years.

Andrew Thomson

Andrew’s career, after achieving a first class honours degree at UEA in Environmental Studies, saw him become a teacher of geography, principal of two sixth form colleges and one FE College. He then ran the Quality Improvement Agency on behalf of the UK Government and provided consultancy in China on a government-sponsored initiative there.

This House is dedicated to science, maths, logic and Gilbert White, an eighteenth century naturalist.

House Colour: Green
Head of House: Miss N. Clark
Cranbourne Parent Partner: Mrs L. Gray

House Ethos and Values

  • Support all members of the community
  • Care for our environment and surroundings
  • Challenge ourselves and others to be the best we can be in everything we do
  • Show entrepreneurial spirit by questioning how to do things better, being optimistic and by decisively taking calculated risks.

 Who Was Gilbert White?

  • Gilbert White FRS (18 July 1720 – 26 June 1793) was a ‘parson-naturalist’; a pioneering English naturalist and ornithologist, and a reverend in his Church
  • He is best known for his book the ‘Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne’

Heads of Houses