Cranbourne’s Christmas Foodbank Campaign

Cranbourne School students today loaded up one of their mini buses with foods and presents for Basingstoke Foodbank, ready for Christmas. The Heads of Houses, who had delivered assemblies on random acts of kindness were convinced by students to extend their acts of kindness beyond the school, into the community, and support Basingstoke Foodbank.

The random acts of kindness began with simple things such as a friendly smile or a short message written to someone in school and then led to kind acts in the community, such as litter picking and smartening up the local community areas. Miss Clark, Head of White House, suggested collecting for the Food Bank and the whole school got inspired. The school has been collecting for three weeks and on Friday’s suspended timetable day, with a focus on community, the collections for the Foodbank poured in.

Cranbourne’s House Captains gave their backing to the collections, sending out lists of wanted items to their tutor groups and co-ordinating the project. Libbie French, Captain of Austen house commented “It’s important for us to realise that we should help our community. Any of us could be in a similar situation, one day.” The captains were clear that people shouldn’t suffer stress at Christmas time. These donations included presents for children, food for pets and Christmas decorations. Harry Pocock commented “We just want to see people smile at Christmas.”

Miss Alner, Head of Austen house remarked; “Students have donated what they can, given back to the community and helped all those in need. Students from across houses and year groups have been so generous and have donated a variety of food. House Captains have supported this event positively and it would be great if we could make this an annual cause that we focus on as a school.”

The success of this project confirms Cranbourne’s determination to be “a school at the heart of its community”.