Business Studies NCFE

Business Studies – Key Stage 3

In Year 9 students will gain an introduction to the following:

  • Personal Finance and Money Matters
  • Branding
  • Finance
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
  • Communication, Leadership and Good Business

The Key Stage 3 Business Studies curriculum seeks to develop pupils’ understanding of the world of work, business and how to manage their money effectively.  Through this pupils can learn to understand different business environments and consider their use of money as consumers of a range of goods and services.  It enables them to understand and explain business and financial terms and products.  Enterprise activities can be used to develop pupils’ capability to understand business opportunities, manage money and understand risks and rewards.

Through incorporating aspects of business, finance and economic understanding into the curriculum, pupils have an opportunity to gain insight that will support them in the future and may lead to an interest in pursuing Business Studies at Key Stage 4 as a subject in its own right.

Key Stage 4 – NCFE

There are 2 core units:

Unit One:

This unit allows you to explore key introductory business theory, whilst using your own creativity and entrepreneurial skills to apply that theory to your own business idea. The unit content is designed to inform and inspire you to develop your own realistic business models and demonstrate them in the form of an internal assessment.

Unit Two:

This unit will prepare you with the essential principles that underpin successful business. The unit will introduce you to Entrepreneurs, Business aims and objectives, structures, stakeholders etc. You will also be introduced to Marketing theory (marketing mix, market research and markets, operations management), and finally customer service and internal influences on businesses.

Business Studies is assessed using two methods.

There are Controlled Assessment projects which goes towards 60% of your final GCSE grade.
The other 40% is based on a marketing examination.

The NCFE in Business Studies allows students to progress in many different directions. Students may wish to progress directly into employment within the Business Industry or into further education. Business Studies is available to study at college and University at A-Level or as an Applied A-level, and to degree level.