Child Development

The GCSE course we follow at Cranbourne focuses on the development of children from conception to the age of 5.

Students’ knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Child Development are developed. This is a practical work based qualification suitable for all those interested in working with children.

Cambridge Nationals level 1/2 in Health and wellbeing for child development is a dynamic and new course aimed at students who would like to pursue a career working with young children. Students can expect to gain a pass, merit or distinction upon successful completion of the course.

The three components that make up the qualification are made up of R018, R020 and R019.


R018 is worth 50% of the grade and is made up of 5 topics;

  • reproduction and responsibilities of parenthood.
  • antenatal care and preparation for birth.
  • postnatal provision and conditions for development
  • recognise, manage and prevent childhood illnesses
  • child safety.

R018 will be assessed via examination.

R019 is coursework based and worth 25% of the grade. Students will learn about the equipment and nutritional needs of children from birth to five years. They will investigate key factors when choosing equipment for young children. Students will also have the opportunity to investigate and develop feeding solutions for young children.

R020 is coursework based and worth 25% of the grade. This unit offers the students an opportunity to plan activities and observe a child from birth to five years. The focus of this unit is to understand the physical, intellectual and social development of a young child. Students will understand how children learn through play.

Students have the opportunity to come along to clinic on Tuesdays after school.