Film and Media Studies

Year 9 – Film and Media Studies

In year 9, students have a chance to explore different media, studying advertising, magazines, news and fake news, social media, magazines and film. The course is part analytical, part creative – students study media texts to understand how they are created and what their meanings are, before creating their own media products. The film topic is an extended unit in which students are introduced to some of the key concepts of film studies, and it works as an introduction to the GCSE course, though students can take the Film Studies GCSE even if they have not taken Media in year 9.

GCSE Film Studies (Years 10 & 11)

This is a varied and interesting GCSE in which we study many key areas of film, from mainstream US cinema to non-English language global films, such as Japanese anime. Six key films are studied and at the end of the course students sit a two-paper exam which makes up 70% of their grade. The final 30% is achieved with the non-examined assessment – a screenplay extract and evaluation that the students write based on their own idea for a new film. The course is suitable for anyone who enjoys film and who is willing to learn a great deal about the industry.