Resourced Provision for Students with Dyslexia

The Resourced Provision offers Specialist teaching for students with Dyslexia and has places for 16 students across the five year groups. Whilst we work primarily with children who have been assessed as having specific learning difficulties and who meet the county criteria, The Resourced Provision is an integral part of the school and liaises with every department to ensure that dyslexia friendly practice is evident in every classroom experience. Students are fully integrated into the mainstream for the greater proportion of their time, with withdrawal to The Resourced Provision arranged according to individual need.

For all students our aim is to:

  • Raise the literacy skills of each student, to enable them to fully access the curriculum, and participate in mainstream lessons.
  • Achieve a balance between giving students sufficient support to cope and make progress while at the same time developing their confidence and independence.
  • Build on students’ strengths and provide targeted support in areas of weakness, so that every child can fulfil their potential.

Teaching for each key stage is outlined below:

Key stage 3: Students follow an individual reading and spelling programme incorporating organisational, writing and study skills.

Key stage 4: Emphasis is on supporting classwork, developing appropriate study and  revision skills as well as reinforcing the individual’s reading and spelling programme.

Entrance to The Resourced Provision

  • Primary School to assess for dyslexia (ideally Year 5)
  • Primary School to arrange Educational Pyschologist visit for assessment
  • Primary School to write EHCP application specifying the student requires a place in The Resourced Provsion for Students with Dyslexia at Cranbourne and send to County.

The Primary School will need to gather the following information for the form:

  • NEALE (NARA Assessment of Reading Ability)
  • Vernon Spelling Test
  • WRAT Reading and Spelling
  • Copy of reports (DST and EP)
  • Examples of Free Writing

If you would like any further information or advice on the process please come and see Mrs Hockley in The Resourced Provision (C2) or email at: