In year 7 you will embark on a fast paced learning journey, which includes Global Textiles, design, fibres, fabrics and embellishment. Creating a textiles product to include machine and hand decorative skills; building on textiles basics.

Y7’s favourite lesson:Taking my sewing machine driving test, Miss gives us a real licence!’

Did you know? Textiles is the second biggest industry in the world

In year 8 having developed Textiles basic skills you will move onto creating your own Textiles product within the theme ‘Day of the dead’.

Will you make a nice or naughty monster? The choice is yours….

Y8’s favourite lesson: ‘Creating my sugar skull head and printing it onto fabric I dyed up myself’

In year 9 we begin to look at the Art Textiles GCSE specification for inspiration so we can begin to prepare for that all important GCSE. Students initially look at refining their skills further through creating their own fabric, design, lino printing, stencilling, batik, construction, and screen printing. From this experience two GCSE style projects are completed.

You are able to choose to look at:

  • Fashion
  • Interior design
  • Childrenswear
  • Jewellery making
  • Conceptual Textiles Art

In year 10 the course students will cover the key skills and techniques needed to complete a GCSE Art textiles portfolio and create a ‘sample’ project to prepare for the two main GCSE projects.

The GCSE is broken down into two sections:

  • GCSE Portfolio – Free choice of theme, sampling and final outcome.
  • GCSE Set Task – Choice from a list of five topics provided by the exam board and two day exam in the textiles room creating a final piece from your pre researched ideas.

In year 10 and 11 students will be able to draw on all the sampling, creative, construction and decorative techniques learnt in previous years and explore the techniques of choice in more detail. Students will be able to confidently work with fabrics to create and make conceptual or fashion pieces linked to their chosen research.