Three Dimensional Design And Technology

Three Dimensional Design and Technology

Three Dimensional Design and Technology is taught within the Creative Arts department. The department is committed to delivering a curriculum which provides a broad range of opportunities for students. We aim to ensure students develop their creative, technical and practical skills. Problem solving and learning through ‘doing’ is at the heart of the curriculum.

Department Aims

  • To establish a safe learning environment, which supports learning, is stimulating, creative and motivates students to produce high quality work.
  • To consider links to different curriculum areas in order to develop transferable skills that can be used within school and in their future working lives.
  • To enable students to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding, in order to design, make, analyse and evaluate their work to a high standard.
  • To value the work of all students, using assessment as a means to monitor students’ progress.

Students experience a range of projects that allow them to experience the creative design and making process. They will develop skills using a range of techniques, materials and processes.

OCR GCSE in Three Dimensional Design has recently being developed within the department, it offers a wide range of creative opportunities that can be combined with technology. Students follow the OCR specification, creating a portfolio worth 60% of the final mark and a Set Task Portfolio worth 40% of the final mark.