Dutch Exchange Visit To Cranbourne 2019

Since 2013, we have met up with our Dutch friends and enjoyed a fruitful and now established relationship.

Once again, a Year 8 class started to write to unknown students in Holland last September.

They finally met on the 7th May in Portsmouth, for a fantastically fun packed day of activity, history and culture. Thanks to the letters going backwards and forwards across the channel and to social media, so many had become firm friends even before they had physically met. And so, when we met near Gunwharf Quays for the first time, it was wonderful to see the warmth of embrace between the two sets of students.


The relationships were developed and cemented further over two days. This included being in the classroom with lessons from Mr Ndlovu and cooking lunch for each other in a fast paced lesson!

We hope to go to Holland again in the near future and experience and understand how our near neighbours live and are educated. Widening horizons is an important part of being a student at Cranbourne and whilst at first some of our students are a little reticent to become involved, with a little persuasion they are glad that they grasped the opportunity!