Cookies Policy

The introduction of new EU legislation means that web sites must now inform visitors of any cookies that the site uses.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer when you browse a website.  They help to improve a website and its functionality.

What types of cookies does use?
On our school website, functional cookies are used to create anonymous visitor statistics. This information enables us to analyse visitor patterns and therefore determine what can be done to improve our website’s usability.  While these cookies record some of the surfing habits of each site visitor, the information remains anonymous and no personal information is collected. Please see below for a list of the information that is recorded:

  • Number of unique visitors to the website
  • Number of page views (total per day)
  • Bandwidth use (how much data is used each day on our pages)
  • Top pages – the most frequently visited pages
  • Top referrers – the websites that most frequently direct visitors to CBEC’s website
  • Search queries – the most popular search terms for the last 30 days

Granting permission for the use of cookies
If the settings on your browser are adjusted to accept cookies, we take this to mean that you consent to accepting the cookies mentioned above. If you do not consent to this, you can disable cookies by following the instructions below.

Disabling cookies
You can disable cookies by editing your browser settings. Information about this, as well as more detailed explanations about cookies, can be found at

Please note: disabling cookies may affect the way the site appears for you. For best results, we recommend that you enable cookies on our website.

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