Local MP Celebrates Young Leadership Awards

Maria Miller was guest of honour at Cranbourne School’s Leadership award ceremony, marking the end of a successful academic year. Students in all year groups gathered with proud parents to receive rewards for demonstrating leadership qualities.

This is the third of Cranbourne’s reward evenings, each one of which recognises different skills sets, as well as employability skills and academic achievement.

This term, the school recognised leadership qualities. Students have been encouraged to take on responsibilities right from the very start of their secondary school career. Many received awards for running extra-curricular activities, playing an active part in school council, or acting as an ambassador or role model within school.  Maria Miller, who is a strong supporter of leaders and organisers within the community, presented each award individually.

Jane Aplin, the Head of Cranbourne welcomed Maria Miller as a “stalwart supporter of education in Basingstoke” and explained how proud we are of our young people. “We all know that this “can-do” attitude is so important. We have rewarded students who have started up new extra-curricular clubs, as well as those who have shown resilience to get through difficult times; and those who have shown determination. One of our students was so determined to raise money for the new swimming pool roof that he managed 100 lengths, even though he has only just learned to swim! That type of dedication definitely deserves recognition.”

Isabella Trevelyan, Year 9 student and Captain of White House commented; “I’m a House Captain and it is a really good role; a great opportunity learning to take the lead, just like you would in the real world.  I speak to lots of students and can communicate their ideas to the teachers, too. We can look at making changes in the school for the better like we did last year with the uniform and House System.”

The next rewards evening at Cranbourne will be in the Autumn Term will celebrate the “positive learning environment “, recognising positivity kindness and support of others.

Mrs Aplin, Headteacher