Medical Information

We have a First Aid Room which is operational every day, from 9am until 14.00pm, staffed by Susannah Stanley, the Welfare Assistant. When she is not on duty we run an emergency rota to cover the First Aid room.

  • Asthma: if your child suffers from Asthma and uses an inhaler, please can you send a spare inhaler into CBEC, marked for the attention of the Medical Room. Please put your child’s name on the inhaler.
  • Pain killers: 
    • your child may carry TWO pain killers of your choice at any one time (NO BOXES)
    • As a parent you can sign a consent form available from the Welfare Assistant. This will be kept with the painkillers in the medical room and administered as and when required
    • CBEC could call you and you can give verbal consent over the phone

In Year 8 all the GIRLS are offered Human Papillomavirus (HPV). They will be given two injections over the year.

Should you wish for your son or daughter to be immunised against HPV, please contact the Welfare Assistant and they can join the immunisation programme in September 2012

In Year 10 ALL STUDENTS will be offered Diphtheria, Polio and Tetanus (DTP) inoculations and HIB C, which is for meningitis.  The students have two injections on the same day, one in each arm.

We currently DO NOT OFFER a BCG vaccination as the government has ended this programme

  • Diabetes: if your child is diabetic, we require spares of all equipment that they use, for example, spare insulin, spare monitors etc. and, VERY IMPORTANTLY, something to treat HYPOGLYCEMIA, such as fruit juice in a carton or dextrose tablets. Please ensure that equipment is handed in at Reception bearing your child’s name and marked for the attention of the Welfare Assistant.

    Our Welfare Assistant liaises with the Diabetic nurse, Chris Wilgar, on a regular basis
  • Students suffering from allergies: if your son or daughter suffers from an allergy and uses an EpiPen, please make sure they carry ONE EPIPEN, which is in date at all times; these will be checked randomly throughout the year.If, at any time, a student goes out on a trip they must bring in TWO EpiPens.

All lost items at CBEC will go to the First Aid Room and are logged by the Welfare Assistant.  Lost property is open on the last Thursday of every half term and then after that period, they will be disposed of.

Kind regards
Susannah Stanley
Welfare Assistant
01256 868635