‘Safeguarding systems are robust’

‘The school is focused on keeping students safe’

​ January 2017 LA Review Visit

‘Decisive action has been taken to improve the culture of safeguarding. Consequently, pupils feel safe and well cared for’

July 2017 Ofsted Visit

Safeguarding at Cranbourne means ensuring that all members of our community are happy and safe and that young people can make informed decisions about the situations that present themselves.

This means we provide the following:

  • Safeguarding Curriculum
  • Child Protection
  • Support from internal and external agencies
  • Guidance, Information and Advice
  • Health and safety information

Students at Cranbourne are educated through the PDL Curriculum which encompasses our legal obligation to deliver the PSHE and Citizenship Curriculum.  Within this each student learns about relationships, the wider world and health and well being from Year 7-11.  This is delivered during PDL times, assemblies and on suspended timetable days.  Specific topics are also covered such as PREVENT.

Every member of CBEC has a responsibility to protect themselves and each other.  In College every member of staff is trained and refreshed on how to recognise and deal with a child protection concern.  The key members of staff in College that action concerns and who staff, students and parents can speak to are our Designated Safeguarding Team:

  • DSL – Miss Conlon
  • Deputy DSL – Mrs Sewell
  • DSL Team – Mrs Clifforth, Mrs Gare, Miss Clark, Mr Greene, Mrs Gray

If you have a concern or would like advice please contact the College and ask for any of the above members of staff.  Information is also displayed in reception and in the CPP Office.

We work very closely with many of the external agencies that support Children Services across Basingstoke.  These include Early Help Hub, Early Intervention Support Team, Catch 22, YPI, YOT and Spotlight to name a few.  In College students have access to our intervention team and ELSA.

Information and guidance is available in College, students can access this through the CPP Office. Parents should contact one of the DSL team or a member of staff that they feel confident to speak to.

Please use the link below to download the parents’ guide to Internet safety:

Internet Security Advice and Information (PDF)

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