Uniform & Revision Guides

  1. College uniform is available from Skoolkit
  2. No Jewellery to be worn because of safety risks and general inconvenience
  • Parents wishing their child to wear an item of jewellery for religious or cultural reasons should discuss with, or write to, the Headteacher
  • If a watch is worn it should be engraved with the owners name
  • No body piercing is permitted

If students forget, the jewellery will be confiscated and returned on the Friday of the next week at 3.00pm.  You may collect confiscated jewellery from the CPP office.

Hair-colouring, patterns cut into the hair, beads woven into hair or extremes of fashions are not permitted. Hair should be of a natural colour.

No make-up or nail varnish is to be worn. False nails and false eyelashes are not allowed to be worn in school. 

Extremes of Fashion – in dress or personal adornment are not acceptable.  Parents will be called into school if clothes or hair are too extreme.

Regretfully, due to financial constraints, Hampshire County Council will no longer be providing secondary school uniform grants for the 2015/2016 academic year onwards.

Occasionally Central Governments and the Local Authority make us aware of benefits available to students who qualify for free school meals , for example in the past there has been the offer of a free laptop for students.

We are anxious that we are able to make all of those who qualify, aware of any future benefits that we are informed of. Therefore should this apply to you, could we ask that you please telephone your child’s Cranbourne Parent Partner to make us aware, so that we can be sure that our records are complete.

All information provided to us will be handled in the strictest confidence. It is of course entirely your decision as to whether your child takes up their free school meal entitlement.

For more information please contact finance@cranbourne.hants.sch.uk .

School Uniform is Available to Purchase from Skoolkit.

We are hoping to introduce a Uniform Swap Shop

Initially we would appreciate if parents could donate any outgrown, good quality uniform. This would give us a bank of uniform so that we would eventually be able to run a Swap Shop.

Eventually Parents would be able to swap a smaller outgrown item for a larger size therefore reducing the cost of replacing uniform.

Please send any uniform your child has outgrown in a bag to reception during the summer holidays or as and when it no longer fits.

We will update as to our progress as soon as we are up and running!

Many thanks

Debbie Clifforth & Kathy Gare


Orders can  be made by e-mailing finance@cranbourne.hants.sch.uk . Please save the order form below, complete electronically and return via e-mail.

Year 10 Revision Guide Order Form

Year 11 Revision Guide Order Form