Year 7

Year 7 Team 2017 – 2018

Nat Clarke

Lesley Gray

Stuart Curtis

Tutor Team:

  • J Davies
  • C Wartnaby
  • P Corrigan
  • T Roach
  • L Saunders

The challenge for the Year 7 team is to support the students in making a happy and successful start to the year and the very important beginning of their Key Stage 3 studies.

Regular monitoring will take place in conjunction with Heads of Departments in order to identify any students who are not meeting expectations or who may need extra support. Indeed those who keep on track also need to be encouraged and praised along the way!

We expect students to develop personal responsibility and independent working where possible in order for them to make the most of their learning and preparation for assessments.

The achievement of students who make considerable contributions to the life of the college and to others in the community will be celebrated, especially the work of the students involved in the College Council, charity events and extra-curricular activities.

Lesley Gray, College Parent Partner for Year 7, will continue to work closely in liaison with home to maintain the communication network.

Attendance and punctuality will be closely monitored and all students will be made aware of targets for improvement.