Recap From Food Nutrition and Preparation

What’s been cooking in the Food Nutrition and Preparation Department?

Tuesday 30 April 2019

Today in our Food Nutrition and Preparation lesson we had a flipped learning experience. The students were in charge of Teaching Mrs Mead how to bone a chicken. The students learned this technical skill last week. The chicken portions and chicken stock that they prepared were frozen. This week we will be making vegetable risotto and the rolled stuffed breast of chicken together. More recipes to follow over the coming weeks. Next week it will be Southern fried (Baked) Chicken followed by chocolate mousse. Learning all the high technical skills to be able to access higher grades at GCSE.

Thursday 2 May 2019

Today I tried to mix things up for the Year 11 students. We were revising Nutrition so I devised a sheet were they could link each nutrient to the parts of the body that it helps the most. For example Vitamin A helps to prevent night blindness. With the added bonus of a gingerbread man once the task was finished. Sometimes tasks like this help visual learners.

Today Year 10 were making two dishes dovetailed together. Very difficult concept to tackle. They made a soup and a Chicken Kiev using the stock made previously and the breast fillet they boned out last week. Very proud of their results.

After School our Key Stage 3 Cookery Club made Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Bun Puddings!


Mrs Vaughan