PiXL’s focus is to raise standards across GCSEs and to raise self-esteem, improve life chances and broaden progression routes for all our students. We are currently involved in a number of PiXL initiatives at Cranbourne:

Students have access to PiXL apps to aid their study, here are the subjects currently available to Cranbourne Students:

  • Maths (all year groups)
  • English Literature (Y11 only at the moment)
  • Geography (Y11 only at the moment)
  • History (Y11 only at the moment)

Centre ID: CB4321



A range of revision resources for a variety of subject areas is now available from PiXL through Quizlet and can be accessed by students either by downloading the app to their phone or tablet and searching for the user ‘PiXL_GCSE’, or following the link below:


For passwords contact your teacher.

Took/taking a group of Y11 students to the ‘PiXL High 5 Student conference’ aimed at students aiming for a Grade 5.

A motivational mentoring system for students in Y11 to improve motivation, effort, attainment and/or progress. This is currently run at both sites.

Students are guided through a full examination paper by a member of staff who provides verbal and visual support to enable students to successfully answer all questions under exam conditions.

Students receive personalised feedback based on PPE exams. In maths, their weak areas feed into the PiXL Maths App directing students to work on these.

Training a debating team of Y9 students to enter a national competition.

Training a debating team of Y9 students to enter a national competition.

A reading accuracy programme for students aged 11 – 16.

A framework for students to develop attributes and skills which are important for life beyond school. Focus on Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication.