Gifted and Talented

The definition of ‘gifted’ is a student who is academically able above their peers in a range of subjects across the curriculum.

The definition of ‘talented’ is a student that shows flare and ability above that of their peers in a specific subject. Talented students tend to have a higher ability in the Creative Arts and Design and Technology. As stated by Professor Deborah Eyre, Director of the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth:

Gifted and Talented students are: “Students who achieve, or have the ability to achieve, at a level significantly in advance of their peers. This may be in all areas of the curriculum or in a limited range.”

One indicator used to identify a gifted and talented student initially is through their CAT tests in Year 7, taking into account information from primary schools. These along with other measures inform staff at an early stage. These students are monitored to ensure that they continue to demonstrate high level skills.

Yes.  If a student through their school life shows that they have a high level of ability in even one subject they will be considered for the Gifted and Talented recognized list.

The list is accessed by all staff and provides information about the students that are considered to be ‘gifted and talented’ at CBEC so that teachers can plan lessons appropriate to the student’s ability.

No. There is also a Register, which is much harder to get onto than the list.  Students who are on the Gifted and Talented Register must have achieved these four things:

  1. Layer 1 – Mean CAT Score of 120+
  2. Layer 2 – One CAT battery test score (Non-Verbal, Verbal or Quantative) of 129+
  3. Layer 5 – Top 5% Nationally for combined English and Maths scores at the end of KS2
  4. Layer 6 – Top 10% Hampshire – English/Maths/Science raw scores at KS2 combin

A student on the Register is considered highly gifted and we would encourage these students to achieve very high GCSE results. Where appropriate we provide them with the opportunity to complete additional GCSE exams and subjects or take exams early and move on to higher level qualifications.

Special trips are organized exclusively for Gifted and Talented students, such as the United Nations trip, or subject specific trips as in Maths, to the Mathalites Challenge.  Each year there are a variety of other trips that are organized by different departments to stretch the learning of the students, for example: the ski trip, Modern Foreign Languages trips to Paris or Barcelona, The Knit and Stitch show, numerous theatre trips, Geography field trips, reward trips and the BCOT fashion show, among many others.

There are also clubs available for students to lead or participate in such as Young Chamber, College Council, the newsletter and The Duke of Edinburgh award.  Gifted and Talented students can also get involved with Fair Trade.  Many of these activities allow students the opportunity to make decisions on behalf of the student body and organize whole college events throughout the year.

The out of lesson opportunities in the Performing Arts is vast including opportunities to join the music prefect project, become a drama prefect, lead perform and create the set design for the school production, join our school choir and perform at the Anvil, go to London to enjoy drama at its finest on the stage and visit the Royal Albert Hall to perform on the world famous stage.

In the PE department we offer an exclusive leadership award for students who have shown ability to lead within the subject area and students are given the opportunity to attend training and lead clubs and workshops to other students.

There are also many, many trips to local and Russell group university’s so students can really experience what university life is really like. Students that are unsure of weather this is something they would like to do are able to speak with the head of gifted and talented who can guide their choices.

We are setting up an exciting new business enterprise where Gifted and Talented students are encouraged to run after school clubs across a variety of subjects from football teams, to textiles clubs, to music lessons and Day 10 event planning!  The idea behind this is it allows the G and T students to develop their skills, involvement and enjoyment in the subjects they are good at.

There will also be even more development within teacher planning for G and T students to  reach their potential as we encourage our students to GO FURTHER…

Go Further will replace the term ‘extension task’

When students are ‘going further’ they will write in red pen so it is clear where students have pushed themselves further within their lessons

Go Further is available to ALL students creating a top down effect within the classroom

Please use the link below to download the application form for joining the Gifted and Talented recognised list:

Gifted and Talented application form

If you would like further information, please contact Mrs Hinksman via email: