Student Council

Involver training 
In November tutor reps and the senior prefects came into school on an Inset day for training run by the organisation Involver. It was really inspiring.

In January 2011 we re-launched the student council with a survey, a cake sale, a sweets in the jar competition, which raised £86 and a non-uniform day. Basingstoke Food Aid 4U were really grateful for our huge food donation. We also received £250 sponsorship from an Investment company called Courtiers.

Student council conference 
Also in January 2011 we hosted our 4th student council conference for our feeder primary schools. Everyone had a great day and enjoyed working together. The theme of our conference was Emotional Health and Wellbeing
We focused on making positive contributions to being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving!
The infant schools took part in an anti-bullying workshop and a craft session run by the Stroke association. The juniors had a talk from the Samaritans. All the schools enjoyed a healthy body session either in the fitness suite, doing yoga or dancing.

Senior Prefect Interviews
When it was time for the new head boy and girl to be appointed the student council had a say. We organised a team task in which the candidates had to work in 2 big groups to plan an assembly, they were observed by members of the council who then gave feedback to the Progress Manager. Then we also interviewed each one individually and asked them their views about the student council.

Year 9 Maths panel
Just before our SATs, The Year 9 student council got together to give feedback on marking and homework in Maths. We all gave our opinions and talked about our experiences. We were able to share things that we like such as Sudoku Monday, playing bingo and the positive comments in our books. The feedback was then given to the Head of Department. We have met again just before the end of term to do a book scrutiny. We all brought along our Maths books to compare frequency of marking, comments and rewards.

Canteen meeting 
During another one of our meetings we had a discussion with Hew Griffiths from Pabulum about the food in the canteen. We gave our ideas about how the canteen could be better. Hopefully we will continue to meet with the canteen staff to suggest improvements and give our opinions about changes they make.

Kings Furlong Schools
This term we have carried out projects with Kings Furlong Infant and Junior schools. We helped the juniors to consider different learning skills; we played a team building game and then made posters they could use to teach their class about the criteria for earning gold, silver and bronze awards in each skill.

The Infants have visited us twice so we could help them develop a lunchtime charter. We started by looking at the UNICEF rights of a child and picked the ones which were relevant for lunchtimes.
We split into groups and helped the Year 1 & 2 students come up with their own ideas. Their charter is split up into rights and responsibilities for both dinner ladies and students. During their second visit last week we used a computer room and again worked with small groups to design 3 posters and a leaflet for their school.

Student leadership conference 
On Monday 20th June, the Year 7 & 8 student council reps went to Marwell Hotel for a student leadership conference. The conference was hosted by students from 2 schools. The conference began with ‘Question time’. A panel of guests speakers answered questions put to them from each school. We asked our question to the Police Community Support Officer about the environment. Other schools asked about racism and the portrayal of young people in the media.

Our first workshop was team building games, we worked with students from other schools to solve problems like how to get knots out a rope which had loads of people holding on to it.

For the rest of the day we got to move around lots of tables to find out about projects in different schools. They told us the things that were going well and the problems they had faced. There were all kinds of different projects such as community projects working with elderly people, video projects, environmental projects and charity projects.
We came back to school with loads of ideas and have already started working on projects to involve local old people as well as a video project to promote moodle. One of the things we learnt that day was how important it is to have lots of people involved so in September we will be asking anyone who wants to be involved to join our projects.

AFL Project
The Student Council’s priority is to make a difference at CBEC. Whilst it is important that we do charity work and projects with primary schools, we also want to make sure the school is working to its best ability. Recently we carried out an action research project to find out how learning objectives and learning outcomes are used in lessons and how students perceive their learning.

The Year 7 & 8 student councils discussed the difference between objectives and outcomes and came up with a definition. Then they designed the form, the AFL group gave use some criteria and we wanted to make the form as simple as possible so they didn’t disrupt anyone’s learning whilst carrying out the research. They decided on tick boxes because it is the easiest method for everyone to understand and use objectively.

We wanted to find out how the objectives and outcomes were shared with students, at which points in the lessons they were used and how well students felt they had understood and achieved them.

The last part of the project was to survey students in the class to find out if they understood the learning objectives. Researchers were asked to survey 5 members of their class, but often fewer students were asked.

Student Impact surveys 
Students who have been proactive in their year councils and whole school council activities have filled in a survey which has been analysed to show the impact the student council has had on individuals.

Student Council Cluster Conference 2012
We are looking forward to our next primary school cluster conference on Friday 27th January 2012.
The theme is Impact of Student Voice.

This is how it is happening:

1) Non-uniform day

We would like to ask every student and staff member who wishes to participateto bring in an item of non-perishable food (i.e. tins or pasta) so we can make a donation to Basingstoke Food Aid 4U, a food bank which distributes free food to families and individuals locally who find themselves facing a financial crisis.

There will be a prize for the tutor group who collects the most food items so feel free to bring in more than one!  Boxes will be brought round to each tutor group with a tick sheet so we know who has made a donation early next week. We intend to make the donation on Friday 14th so items can be brought in any day next week.

The rules about jewellery still apply, not only for your safety but to prevent jewellery being damaged or getting lost.

2) Student Council assemblies

Each Year group will have an assembly on Friday so the Student Council can:
– feedback the results of the student survey carried out before Christmas
– announce the winners of the year rep elections
– announce the slogan competition winner
– publicise our new Student Voice room (F5)

3) Official opening of F5 – The Student Voice room

– cakes for sale from 10p
– guess how many sweets are in the jar for 20p
Please come to F5 at break and lunch time to support the Student Council!

4) The first Whole College Council meeting of the year

– The agenda will be based on your ideas in the survey
– feedback will be given to Year Councils and tutor reps will then be able totell everyone.

CBEC’s Student Council is organised and run by Laurie Wooldridge (head boy), Katie Simpson (head girl) and the Assistant Senior Prefect Team. The council consists of 14 students with each year group represented by a boy and a girl, as well as ABC and Young Chamber representatives. The council meets monthly to discuss whole school issues and to look at ways to improve CBEC and feeds back to the rest of the students through assemblies each half term.

Last year the council discussed a number of issues and many of these ideas are now being seen around the school. They include:

  • A new and improved bike shed where students can secure their bikes in view of CCTV cameras and under cover.
  • More bins around the site, reducing the litter problems.
  • A new and more exciting newsletter.
  • Hosting the third annual student council cluster conference – a massive success.
  • Fundraising – a substantial £650 was raised for Sport Relief during recent events and even more is planned for the summer term where it is hoped CBEC will get in the mood for the football world cup in South Africa with a themed non-uniform day.
  • Continued links with the stroke association and feeder primary schools.

In addition to the whole college council each tutor group’s views are voiced by their tutor representatives at year council meetings. Each year has a council team that meet once a month; not only to discuss whole college issues but also things that are relevant to them as a year group. These meetings are very productive and have lead to a number of smaller but equally as significant events and changes.

Each person that represents a council; whole college or year group is voted into their position by their peers. In addition to this every student representative is a member of an action team. The action teams which take on practical projects are Business & Enterprise, Learning & Rewards, ICT, Primary, Unicef and Community

CBEC Student Council’s Publication

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